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If you're not familiar with what mastering is we recommend reading this article on the subject first to get the most out of this: What mastering is and why it's important.

To get noticed in today's saturated music business is hard. Nearly 40 000 songs are released on Spotify EVERY DAY. That is around 120 000 songs per month. So it is no wonder that smaller independent artists can get lost in all that noise. And it is no coincidence that all the top billboard tracks have top-end sound. Good sound is crucial to creating a good impression on first-time listeners and to get ahead of all other music competing for their attention. We can make your music cut through that noise and compete with the best, with our professional mastering.

Professional Sound

This is no bullshit mastering made by some random rookie trying to make a quick buck while totally destroying the sound of your mix. NO, this is professional-grade mastering with professional results from experienced engineers.


We don't just slap on some preset mastering on your track and then move on to the next project. No, we want to see you and your music carrier blossom and that's why we deliver genuinely great mastering that will elevate your sound. 

We Focus On YOU.

Whether you’re new to releasing music or if you’ve been releasing for a long time, this is a service to help you advance in taking that next step. Great sound is just the first crucial part. Therefore included with our mastering is a complimentary ebook on how to release music successfully. Plus, dedicated customer support from the Atua Creative Group label team to make sure you nail that next release. 

This is not your regular mastering, this is a chance to get your song mastered by a record label with the same effort and dedication that we give our signed artists. 

You can read more about us as a label here.

High quality and great support without sacrificing your whole release budget.

With our mastering, your music will get louder but yet with controlled dynamics to ensure the highest perceived loudness on Spotify, Itunes and all other platforms (we as well, also HATE over-compressed audio that gets turned down when published). Instead, we will get your music that analog warmth and depth that only a pair of human ears with decades of training can achieve. 

Balanced/Controlled Dynamics

Perceived Loudness on all Platforms

Analog color & depth

Immersive Stereo Width 

Mastering Engineer for Atua Creative Group Mastering Service

Senior Head-Engineer Emil O.Nilsson

Award-winning producer with a degree in music production and over 12 years of mastering experience. CEO of Atua Creative Group and the man behind all masters you can preview down below in our AtuaMastering Spotify playlist. Check out the rest of our team here.

Mastering Showcase - 

Before & After Examples

A selection of some of the mastering jobs we've done in the past.

For best sound quality to really hear what our mastering does go into the Spotify desktop app and click on > Settings

Turn of normalization and increase sound quality to high or very high for uncompressed audio format.

Spotify settings instructions
Spotify Normalize Volume Loudness

Donnie Castle, Artist

A trustworthy and loyal engineer that gives every project time and is easy to communicate back and forth with. 


Voided, Artist

Always brings forth all the details and makes it sound crisp, professional and fleshed out and has taught me much about engineering as a whole which I am truly grateful for.


The Yellow Birds, Duo

It’s been an easy collaboration and we can't wait to get our next album mastered again by this company!

Work Procedure & Specifikations

Real mastering is not made in an instant. There are no shortcuts to great results. We carefully tweak your song to perfection and do not settle for less. We could cut down on the delivery time but that would mean cutting down on the results, and that is not what our mastering is about. 

This is what you get when ordering our mastering service.

1. High-End Professional Mastering

2. 2 Free Revisions

3. Finished Delivery in 2-3 Days (per track)

4. Dedicated customer support from our label team

5. Free Bonus 1: Ebook "How to Release Music Successfully"

6. Free Bonus 2: Artist Toolbox (Total Bonus Value 19.99$

A revision takes 1-2 days depending on the amount of work we have at the moment.

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